With the winter season winding down, many of us are dreaming about being back on our boats. But winter is a crucial time for boat owners, because boats need to be protected from cold weather and ice, which can severely damage the hull.

Many boat owners will store their craft in a large boat storage area during the winter. These facilities are often available at nearby marinas or boatyards, but will likely have to be booked well in advance. You can also store your boat at home, but when it’s time to get back out onto the water, you’ll want to store your boat on your dock to have it ready to go at a moment’s notice.

If you’re looking to purchase a new dock for the upcoming season, it may seem hard since there are a number of different boat docking options. Here at Roll-N-Go, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for different types of boat docks and come up with the best boat docking option for you.


Types of Boat Docks

Standing Docks

Standing docks are permanently fixed in place and usually consist of large support pillars, called piles, that are buried into the sediment. These can be concrete, steel, or wood. A framework is then built on top of these pilings to support the deck.

Standing docks are very strong and stable, even in the face of rough conditions. They don’t need a lot of maintenance throughout the year and are well-suited for areas with deep water.

If you’re looking to implement one of these docks, it’s best to hire a professional dock-building firm, which may end up being fairly expensive. Local legislation may also prohibit the use of standing docks. If the water freezes over in winter, ice can damage the piles on standing docks.


Sectional Docks

types of docks in lakesSectional docks follow a similar principle to standing docks, with the added benefit of being able to be dismantled. They are often made from aluminum pipework and wooden decking.

Sectional docks are one of the more environmentally friendly options as they do not disturb wildlife as much as other methods. They are also more affordable and you can even build them yourself. They are easy to dismantle and store during the winter months.

However, sectional docks require very firm sediment to be fully stable, which may not be possible in all areas of water. They are also only suitable for use in shallow waters.


Floating Docks

Floating docks are often constructed using barrels or lightweight modular sections that can be slotted together and tethered in place.

These docks are a great choice if your water level changes drastically because they can move with the current. They are suitable in deep water areas that are too deep for fixed supports. They are also relatively cheap compared with other methods.

Unfortunately, they are also not as stable as other types of dock. There may be a tendency for the floating dock to drift and they are not as stable to walk on, which can be a problem for some boat owners.


Crib Docks

Crib docks are usually made from large metal crates that are sunk into the water. These containers are filled with rocks to form a strong foundation for the dock.

Crib docks are extremely strong and stable, and will not be affected by inclement weather. They can also be left in place throughout all seasons. They can be a great option if you want to build a boathouse on top.

However, crib docks are much more expensive than many other options, and will likely need to be professionally built. They are also not very environmentally friendly, as they cause a lot of disruption to local marine life.


High Quality Boat Ramps

best types of boat rampsBoat ramp systems, such as Roll-N-Go’s, can be one of the best docks for your boat, combining access and storage with affordability. Made from an aluminum frame, these systems use rollers to move your craft in and out of the water.

They are made from sturdy materials and can be adapted to different types of shoreline and water levels. It is also possible to build a boathouse around a boat ramp system, helping to protect your boat from the harsh winter conditions. These incredible boat ramps can unload your boat in mere seconds, allowing you more time to enjoy the water. This makes them ideal for both first-time and experienced boat owners.

If you need a new boat dock for the coming season and are interested in an easy-to-use boat ramp system, visit Roll N Go to learn about their boat roller ramp kit.