Summer boating season is right around the corner in Canada and everyone is excited to get back out on the lake to make memories and have fun. That means this is the perfect time to do a little maintenance to make sure your boat is safe and ready for the water. By performing simple tasks like checking your engine, charging your battery, emptying your bilge pump and washing and waxing your vessel, you can avoid potential mishaps and focus on enjoying yourself with your family and friends – isn’t that what summer is all about?

Best Boats For A Great Lake Day

If you’re looking to purchase a new boat for the upcoming season, here are four great options to choose from, all of which can provide you with hours of fun this summer:

  • Pontoon boats. These flat, rectangular boats are mounted on at least two or three sealed metal or aluminum tubes known as pontoons, and this is what allows them to float. There are plenty of benefits to owning a pontoon boat. Not only are they relatively easy to maintain and generally less expensive to insure, they’re also perfect for entertaining and can be customized with cool features like waterslides, stand-up bars and fishing platforms.
  • Personal watercraft. A personal watercraft is a vessel that uses an inboard motor powering a water jet pump as its primary propulsion source. They’re designed to be operated by a person who is sitting, standing or kneeling. The benefits of owning a top boat options in Canadapersonal watercraft include affordability, maneuverability and ease in storage, not to mention the adrenaline rush you get from racing across the lake.
  • Deck boats. As the name suggests, deck boats are boats with lots of deck space and an expanded bow section that maximizes the seating area for passengers. Deck boats can operate at higher speeds than pontoon boats while still providing a comfortable space for entertaining, going on fishing trips or simply cruising around the lake at sunset.
  • Wake boats. Wake boats are designed to create a large, specially shaped wake for wakeboarders to jump and do tricks. If you’re into wakeboarding or wake surfing, these boats are perfect for honing your aquatic and aerial skills while having fun with your friends.

How To Choose The Right Boat

To decide which of these four boats is right for you, sit down with your family and talk about what your main use for the boat will be. Are you looking for relaxation and comfort? High speed and excitement? A little bit of both? By identifying your top priorities for your boating experience, you can start to narrow down your options. The good news is there are no wrong answers here!

No matter which type of boat you choose, Roll-n-Go Canada has the solution for an easier docking experience. Our economical, easy to assemble roller docking systems are an excellent alternative to traditional docks and boat lifts.

  • They can make loading and unloading, performing maintenance, cleaning and fueling your personal watercraft much easier. Once you ride your watercraft to shore, simply winch out of the water for dry storage.
  • They are durable, rust-resistant and adjustable to handle boats of different sizes, allowing you to store your watercraft right on shore so that you can get in and out of the water in seconds.
  • The Roll-n-Go Model Pontoon Shore Ramp can handle boats up to 2,000 pounds and makes winterizing and storing your boat much simpler.

Contact The Experts At Roll-N-Go

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