With the longest coastline of any country in the world and the 4th most fresh water, Canada has a virtually endless selection of great boating destinations to enjoy. Of course, many of us like to take things easy by putting the boat in at a lake or a bay near our homes but, over time, you might get tired of seeing the same sights every time you take your boat out.

If you’re feeling adventurous and you’re looking for great new boating destinations in Canada, you’re in luck; there are plenty to choose from! Continue reading for Innovative Outdoors’ favorite spots to boat in both freshwater and saltwater.


The Best Places to Boat in Canada

  1. Muskoka Lakes Located in Ontario to the east of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay, Muskoka Lakes is a gorgeous summer vacation destination that is home to several beautiful lakes for boaters to explore. The scenic waters of Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau and many smaller outlying lakes present fantastic opportunities for exploration and relaxation. If you’re really up for an adventure, you can take your boat out on the nearby Trent-Severn Waterway, which connects Lake Huron to Lake Ontario, and venture through its 44 locks.
  2. Harrison Lake – If you want a scenic destination for your next boat fishing trip in Canada, try Harrison Lake, found in the Coast Mountains to the east of Vancouver. The mountainous lake can be accessed through the charming Village of Harrison Hot Springs, where you can stay at a resort. From here, you can launch your boat to go fishing for white sturgeon, one of the oldest and largest freshwater fish in the world. Or, you can spend your time sightseeing on the lake and in the surrounding forests, which are supposedly home to the elusive Sasquatch.
  3. The Northumberland Strait – If you’re looking for a saltwater boating destination in Canada, check out the Northumberland Strait, which connects New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Boaters can explore the breathtaking shoreline of Maritime Canada, from the red sand beaches of Nova Scotia to the 13km-long Confederation Bridge which connects New Brunswick to PEI. If all that boating puts you in the mood for some fresh seafood, you’re in luck; the Northumberland Strait is home to some of the best lobster dinners in the world.
  4. Sylvan Lake Found midway between Calgary and Edmonton, this freshwater lake is a great boating destination for summer fun and recreation. Whether you’re interested in activities like boat fishing, water skiing and windsurfing or you just want to relax and sunbathe on the deck of your boat, Sylvan Lake can satisfy all interests. The lakeshore is even home to Wild Rapids Waterslides, one of Canada’s largest water parks, which is a great place to bring kids for an outing.
  5. Haida Gwaii This awesome saltwater boating destination can be found offshore of British Columbia, separated from the mainland by the Hecate Strait. Haida Gwaii is an archipelago covered in gorgeous evergreen forests and bordered by rocky coasts. Both the islands and the surrounding waters are home to all kinds of wildlife including black bears, seabirds and whales. If you’re looking for a saltwater boat fishing tip, the waters around Haida Gwaii are home to an abundance of salmon and halibut.


Roll-n-Go Can Help With Your Next Boating Trip

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