Model 4200

The Roll-n-Go Canada Model 4200 Rail System is made for storing larger watercrafts that weigh 4200 lbs. right on shore. This customizable rail system features corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum and stainless-steel hardware to maximize durability. Invest in Roll-n-Go boat rail systems for cost-effective, convenient and dry storage for your watercraft.

To be able to handle boats of different sizes, 3 bunk packages are available to choose from with four 9’ track sections included. Your choice of manual, CD, DC, and remote winches are available as well as other accessories to further customize your rail system for your specific watercraft needs. To build the perfect boat rail system, use the link below.

  • Sturdy PVC drive-in guides
  • 2800 lb. hand winch
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • (3) 9 ft. track sections


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Check out this 4200 rail project from Huron NY, Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario!



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