There’s no better way to enjoy a Canadian summer than by taking your own boat out on the water for a day of relaxation and fun. You’ve decided it’s time to get in on the action and you want to buy your own boat. There’s just one catch; you have no idea what boat to buy!

There are many kinds of boats available, and which one will best suit your needs depends entirely on what you want to use your boat for. Do you want to zip around on the water? Do you want to go fishing? Do you want to be able to take the whole family out comfortably? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself before buying a boat. If you need help, check out Innovative Outdoors’ guide to popular types of boats.


The Most Popular Boats in Canadajet skiing in cold weather in Canada

  • PWCs – A personal watercraft (PWC for short) is a small boat powered by a pump jet that is the ideal boat for a single rider in search of a thrill. PWCs can travel across the water at speeds of over 90 km/h so if all you want is a fast little boat that allows you to rip across the lake, a PWC is your best choice. Most PWCs seat 1 to 3 riders, so you may be able to take a significant other or a friend along for the ride with you. However, if you’re in search of a larger, safer boat where you can bring multiple people out on the water, a PWC will be too small for your needs.
  • Bowriders – Among the most popular types of boats for family outings and water sports, bowriders are generally 5 to 11 meters long and seat 6 to 10 people. These fast and powerful boats are great for pulling a water skier or tuber along the surface of the lake, and they can also allow the whole family to comfortably relax and go for a swim. If you’re buying a boat that you want to use for recreation and relaxation out on the lake, a bowrider might be your best choice. However, bowriders don’t perform as well at sea so if you’re looking for a boat that can be used in saltwater, you may want to choose a different model of watercraft.
  • Pontoons – Pontoons are among the most unique types of boats, with wide, flat decks that allow them to comfortably accommodate 8 to 12 people, depending on the size of the pontoon. Most pontoons are between 5 and 8 meters long. Floats are used to keep pontoons buoyant and they often have a very shallow draft, allowing them to come close to shore without risk of hitting something underwater. In addition to being convenient for carrying groups, pontoons can be used for a wide number of aquatic activities including fishing and wakeboarding. The only drawback to pontoons is that they are vulnerable to high winds and large waves, which means they are risky to use at open sea or on very windy days.
  • Walkarounds – A walkaround cuddy is designed to be the ultimate sport fishing vessel. If your main goal is buying a boat that can handle any fishing expedition, then this is the boat for you. Walkarounds generally range from 5 to 8.5 meters long and feature a small cabin, baitwells and livewells, and built-in fishing rod holders. Whether you want to go on an extreme saltwater fishing trip with friends or a more casual lake fishing adventure with the family, a walkaround will suit your needs perfectly. The only drawback of a walkaround is that its large size may make it impractical for fishing in smaller lakes and rivers.

Roll-n-Go Assists Boats of All Sizes

No matter what type of boat you choose to buy, Innovative Outdoors’ Roll-n-Go On-Shore Docking System will make it much easier for you to get your brand new watercraft out of the water and store it. We have small ramps for PWCs, various models of larger ramps to accommodate bigger boats and even a shore ramp designed especially for pontoons. Get in contact with Roll-n-Go today if you’re interested in purchasing one of our convenient boat docking systems to be used anywhere in Canada!