One of the best activities to do during the summer months are water sports, and if you have a PWC, then you’re probably waiting to take this out of storage once the weather is warmer. But your PWC would only work well during summer if you properly winterize and store it well during the winter months.


Winterizing Your PWC

With fall in full force, you need to ensure that before the freezing weather arrives and temperature drops are drastic, your PWC is properly winterized and stored.

Let’s take a closer look at these easy steps to winterize your PWC.


Clean Out Your PWC

The first thing to do is remove all the gear and items from the storage compartments in the PWC. Clean out the compartments and wipe them down until they are clean and dry. You can add a dryer sheet or peppermint spray to prevent animals from nesting.

You should also drain out the leftover water from the PWC. It’s essential to ensure that all the liquid is removed before storage, by tilting it up at the front with a lift or boat ramp. Then, start it up and let it run for thirty seconds while turning the throttle. You can do this a few times until no more water comes out.

You also have to clean the outside of the PWC, as this is important to keep it safe while the weather is cold. Ensure that it is free from moisture too so that the dropping temperatures won’t affect the PWC.


Ensure Internal Components Don’t Freezebest jet ski locations in canada - roll n go canada

If your region is very cold, you also need to run anti-freeze through your system. This is also important if you would store the PWC outdoors. Running the anti-freeze would prevent leftover moisture from spreading and cracking any internal components as the weather becomes colder.

You can do this by adding a 50/50 water and anti-freeze mix, and then put a water pump or hose in the flush outlet and the opposite end in the solution. Turn the engine on and off until it goes through the exhaust system.


Top Off Fuel and Lubricate Essential Parts

It’s advisable to have a full tank in your PWC when you store it, as this would prevent condensation from forming on the exposed parts of the system. You should also add a stabilizer to mix with your fuel, to prevent it from breaking down when you bring it out after winter.

After topping it up with fuel, you should lubricate the seals, cables and other exposed parts of the PWC. Use a lubricant and protectant that is recommended by the PWC manufacturer.


Spray Fogging Oil

Then, you should spray the fogging oil on the spark plugs and carburetor. This is important if you want to protect the exposed parts from corroding due to moisture.

The best way to spray this oil is by doing so while the engine is idling until it stalls.


Remove the Battery and Protect the Interior

If you leave the battery in the PWC during storage, it will end up draining and you’ll need a brand new battery for the next season. Store the battery in a safe place that would protect it from the freezing weather. Place the battery on a mat or raised surface.

You also need to protect your PWC from critters and bugs by covering the exhaust. You can protect it with dryer sheets or steel wool, as these insects would want to nest in there during the cold.


Cover and Store Your PWC

When it comes to storing your PWC during winter, it’s best to do so on its trailer, as this also makes maintenance convenient. You should cover up the PWC with a bona fide cover or tarp, to prevent dirt and dust from settling in the crevices or cracks.


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