The summer is beginning to wind down, the humidity is breaking, the evenings are getting cooler, and the sun isn’t quite as strong as it once was. School is also beginning to ramp back up again. This means the season for personal watercrafts (PWC’s) is also coming to an end.

Although there are still a few more cottage days left in the season, the lakes are starting to cool down. Naturally, this shift in temperature will cause docks and boats to restrict and shift. After a fun season of cruising around on your PWC, the hours put into it do take a toll. To best protect your PWC is to secure it for the upcoming winter season.

This is also the perfect time to inspect your watercraft and docking system for any signs of damage. This includes,

● Cracks
● Dents
● Poor engine function
● Loose tubing
● Broken winch lines
● Loose planks

Checking for these signs early will give you time to have them fixed before the season is fully closed. This will ensure your PWC and dock is safe to withstand the winter and will be ready to go again come next summer.


How to Dock My PWC?

There are several different docking methods for storing your PWC.

Mooring Cables

These rods attach to floating or standing docks resembling a fishing pole. These can also be installed in boat houses with a covered docking slip. The ends have carabiners that attach to a PWC in the front and in the back. They are very easy to use and will secure the watercraft to the dock while allowing it to move freely in the waves. This is a method to use in a climate where the lake will not completely freeze over.

Standard Ties

These rope ties will connect to the dock or slip using a standard ring or dock cleats. These are great during the season because they allow for quick untying. They also don’t require any additional equipment.

Boat Lift

These are located in a marina or boathouse. A mechanical lift system will hoist the PWC straight out of the water by lifting a platform that is submerged under the slip. This is an effective method, but it requires a covered structure to protect the equipment from damage.


Roll-N-Go Dock Systembest way to dock your PWC in Canada

This versatile system can be used year-round. It’s located on the shoreline and consists of a PWC ramp, a winch cable, and a hand crank. It combines the benefits of a boat lift without the structural requirements and is easy to use as a standard tie or mooring cable.

The user connects the winch line to the PWC and as they crank the craft is gently pulled up the ramp and out of the water. The line is easily locked and secured. The PWC can then be covered to protect it from the elements. This also makes it easy to inspect the PWC for any damage that could have occurred during the season. The galvanized metal is rust-resistant, doesn’t rot, and keeps your watercraft safe from all inclement weather.

This system is easy to install and is an excellent PWC docking system to keep your PWC secure during all seasons. It also prevents the need to use a trailer to hoist the craft out of the water and saves the hassle of finding a place to store it.


Trusted PWC Dock Solution

If you are in need of a PWC dock solution for winter storage, look for the ramp dock from Roll-N-Go Canada. We are a trusted name in boat ramp solutions. With many options to choose from, we have a solution for any size of PWC. Contact us to discuss your options and how our experts can help get your PWC ramp installed in time for winter.