With the holiday season around the corner, the chances are that you’re looking for the perfect gift for your family and friends. With an incredible amount of gift options, it can sometimes get overwhelming as you try to choose the best gift. If your family member or friend is a boating enthusiast however, this narrows down the types of gifts that you should purchase.

If you’re struggling to narrow down the best holiday gift to get your boating enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. The team at Roll-N-Go has compiled a list of the best boating holiday gifts to give your friends or family members. While a brand new boat is always on individuals’ list, our holiday gift guide includes more reasonable items such as marine electronics and various boating accessories. Moreover, we’ve included fantastic gift ideas for boaters over a variety of price ranges. This means that you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect holiday gift to suit your friend’s tastes and your budget

Here are the top holiday gifts for boaters:

1. Knots Coffee Mug

No matter if your friend is a sailor or a scout, this knot coffee mug is the perfect gift for them. The ceramic coffee mug comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to tie knots in eight different ways.

Moreover, the box includes a length of rope to try all eight methods on. As for the mug itself, it features an ergonomic handle that makes holding the cup much easier. In contrast, the print on it offers a great look.


2. Quatix 6 Multisport Marine Smartwatch

A state-of-the-art watch with revolutionary features means the Quatix 6 is an excellent gift option for your boater friend. Being both stylish and practical, this means that this watch can be worn on the boat and at a nice restaurant following your relaxing boat ride.

The Quatix 6 offers a remarkable battery life by allowing solar-charging. Moreover, it includes the standard Garmin navigation equipment and Fusion audio that combine to bring you a great quality watch. It can even track steps, your heart rate, sleep quality, and so much more!

Its downloadable maps and internal GPS module, on the other hand, help you in navigating when on the waters. Lastly, the watch allows you to connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and to Wi-Fi.


3. Oak Creek Premium Waterproof Backpack with Padded Shoulders Straps

Oftentimes, boat outings mean you end up staying on the water for a prolonged amount of time. The more you end up staying on the water, this increases the chances that your essentials will get wet or even get ruined. That’s why the Oak Creek Premium Waterproof Backpack is an excellent gift for boaters. 

The spacious bag is 18-inches long and 12-inches wide to ensure your boater friend can load all their essentials inside. Additionally, this backpack includes a roll-top buckle alongside a reinforced, padded strap that ensures you can easily sling the bag on your shoulder. 

Featuring a zippered front pocket and mesh net side pockets, this waterproof bag has plenty of areas to store various items. Both allow you to put additional items, your water bottle, and so on. Plus, the bag is constructed from high-quality PVC in order to keep your belongings safe and dry during your boating excursions. 


4. Maxzone Boat Erasers 

Chances are, your boating friend is obsessed with ensuring their boat is always clean and tidy. What better way to make this job easier for them than by gifting them high quality and durable boat erasers. 

These top-notch sponges are an efficient way to remove scuffs, oil, mud, dirt, and other sediments that accumulate on your boat. One great aspect of these erasers is that you can even use it on coolers, fishing poles, nets, tackle boxes, and shoes. Not to mention, you can remove dirt and dust from any and every other area on your boat. 

Another great aspect of these boat erasers is that they feature a well-crafted design that makes it easy for you to reach every part of the boat. 


5. Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shakers 

A practical yet fun gift to give to your boating enthusiast this holiday season are these salt and pepper shakers which are available in two different design options. 

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these salt and pepper shakers can remind you of the upcoming boating season as you use them in your home, or you can even take them along on your boat excursion for your on-the-water meals. There will be nothing better than watching your loved ones’ faces light up with joy when they unpack this wonderful, decorative household gift. 


6. Vintage Pirate Nautical Chart Bath Towel 

Surprise your friend with a gift that infuses practicality with their hobbies! The amazing bath towel features an eye-catching, vintage pirate nautical chart octopus design. 

What’s best about this gift is that the towel is manufactured from eco-friendly products that ensure the towel is both soft and lightweight. It also effectively absorbs all moisture while ensuring quick dry.


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