With summer 2022 quickly drawing to a close, Canada’s boating season is almost over. But while summer boating is ever-popular, there’s no reason you can’t keep your boat out on the water well into fall. While it may lack the broad appeal of warm-weather summer boating, fall boating has plenty of benefits for those who don’t mind wearing a jacket.

Fall boating in Canada can be a lot of fun, with some distinct advantages over summer boating that you might not consider right away. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of fall boating.


5 Advantages of Fall-Time Boating in Canada

  1. No Crowds – There’s a reason that summer boating in Canada is so popular. The wonderful warm weather is perfect for popular boat-related activities such as swimming, fishing, tubing and PWC racing. However, this popularity also means that every accessible lake, bay and waterway is going to be packed with boaters. For those who would prefer to avoid the crowds, fall boating is a great alternative. Popular lakes and rivers clear up in fall, allowing for a more private and peaceful boating experience. Because there are less vessels competing for space on the water, the risk of boat accidents also reduces in the fall.
  2. Fall Colors – Fall boating in Canada is a special treat for anyone who loves watching the trees change colors. While many opt to stick to dry land while admiring the beauty of fall trees, getting out on a boat will allow you to escape the inevitable crowds and enjoy the colors around you in privacy. Boating down lakes and rivers during fall provides leaf peepers an unrivaled opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the vibrant golds, reds and oranges of fall leaves.
  3. Conducive for Watersports – Most people think of such recreational watersports as water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing as summer activities. In truth, many of these watersports prove more enjoyable in fall. While water and air temperatures are colder in fall, this can actually be a bonus; it’s easy to overheat when you’re lying in a tube, getting baked by the summer sun. In fall, however, the risk of getting overheated or sunburnt while boating in Canada is reduced. The lack of crowds out on popular rivers, lakes and bays in fall proves advantageous for many water activities, since your boat will have a lot more open space to maneuver as you tow water skiers behind you.
  4. Boat Fishing Can Be Better – While summer is prime fishing season in Canada, that doesn’t mean fishing goes cold in the fall. Many popular game fish species, including bass, walleye and lake trout, continue to bite actively throughout the fall. For those anglers targeting salmon, fall is an excellent time to fish, since fall is when salmon migrate up rivers in order to spawn. Also, the colder temperatures drive fish into shallower water, which can make them easier to catch. Besides, what better way to spend a crisp fall afternoon than boat fishing on a secluded lake, surrounded by beautiful autumn trees?
  5. More Predictable Weather – As much fun as summer boating can be, the bliss ends quickly if a thunderstorm rolls in. Thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence in Canada during the summer but they become much rarer going into fall. While it’s always wise to check the weather before putting your boat in the water, the chances of a surprise storm raining down on you are greatly reduced in fall. Fall weather may be cooler than summer weather but it’s also a lot more predictable, and that makes for safer boating.


Use Roll-n-Go for Fall Boating Adventures

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