Cottage and cabin life are the epitome of summer.

Days on the water and evenings by the fire, relaxing in the hot summer air. But after a day of fishing, tubing, or driving around it’s time to park your boat. There are many solutions for docking your boat and what usually comes to mind is a traditional floating dock or sectional dock.

This is what typically comes to mind when you think of boat storage. However, this traditional style of dock leaves your boat susceptible to extensive damage. During rough days on the water, the boat can repeatedly hit or rub on the side of the dock. This can cause scratches, dents, or cracks in the fiberglass. If you are leaving the boat unattended for several days, who knows what the weather has in store or what damage can be done in that time.

Boat ramps are a great alternative to these types of docks which need to be manually installed every season. Not only do they keep your boat safe, secure, and dry on the shore, it also ensures your boat will never become loose and float away. Using a boat ramp is quick and easy and requires very minimal setup.


Types of Dock Options

Just like how boats come in various shapes and sizes, there are a variety of boat docks on the market to accommodate. These include:

Floating Docks

As the name implies these docks are not secure to the floor of the lake. They float on the water and are anchored best boat ramp alternative in Canadato the shoreline. This is a great option for those who have a very deep lakefront where it is not feasible to have a support structure underneath. These docks must be brought onto land each winter, and they are also prone to freely moving around since the water is constantly pushing the dock around.

Sectional Docks

Sectional docks are a great option for docking multiple boats. These usually have vertical supports tethered to the lake bed and have slips that connect to one main dock. The size of each slip can be altered to accommodate boats of any size. However, these are large docks that take up a large portion of your shoreline. It can also be difficult to navigate your boat into one of the created slips.

Standing Docks

Standing docks are similar to floating docks where they are one size and do not have multiple sections. But they have full supports attached to the floor of the lake. This provides stability and they do not move around with the water. The challenge with them is during the winter months. They are permanent and therefore must withstand the harsh elements. Although they are strong, the constant freezing and thawing can cause damage to these supports and will require routine maintenance.


The Benefits of a Boat Ramp

Boat ramps provide a unique solution to many of the classic dock models. These systems are mounted on the shoreline and hoist the boat or personal watercraft (PWC) out of the water and onto dry land. There are specialized ramps for the common boat styles including,

Jet Ski/PWC’s
Pontoon boats
Flat bottom boats
V-Bottom Boats

You may be asking yourself, why should I buy a boat shore ramp over a traditional dock?

Boat ramps work by having a track that sits in the water and slopes upwards onto dry shoreland. These supports are anchored in the water and on the shore. The driver will bring the boat up to the submerged portion of the ramp, where they will connect a winch line to the boat itself. These are made of nylon and do no damage to the boat. These simple devices have rollers that guide the boat up the ramp as the operator turns the winch crank. This action pulls the boat out of the water and rests it on titanium supports.

The biggest and most noticeable benefit is how easy this can be installed each year. These systems are compact and simple to store. They can be brought out and reinstalled in very little time after you’ve brought your boat out of winter storage and ready to launch into the lake. Since these are made of metal they do not wear like wooden docks either. They are a perfect alternative to the traditional dock model while providing ample protection from the elements.


Quality Dock Alternatives

If you are interested in an affordable alternative to a traditional wooden dock, the Roll-N-Go CA team has you covered. They are a trusted name in boat ramps and have been serving the greater Canada area for many years.

If you would like more information on our products, please contact us and one of our dedicated team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.